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Senior Digital Designer with User Research, UI and Front-End experience, looking for new serious problems to tackle.

Designing the apps used by 300K Erasmus students to learn languages and assess their level

2017-2018 • Altissia.org


Altissia is the provider of the applications allowing European students who participate in the Erasmus Exchange program to test their language levels and to improve it thanks to e-learning courses. My mission was to design the brand new mobile application as there was only a desktop app at the time.

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Challenges encountered

  • Defining reasonable targets to achieve while knowing there is so much more to do
  • Designing while taking in account the 24 languages in the European Union
  • Designing a system allowing a quick rebranding (when selling the solution to other clients)

Process and deliverables

  1. Understanding how to optimize the learning process

    I facilitated design sprints with a team of linguists and e-learning specialists who defined how to make an effective app from an academic perspective
  2. Prototyping and testing

    I prototyped multiple versions iteratively and tested them directly with users
  3. Visual Design

    I worked with the product owner to create a design system that could be "customized" in order to be able to sell the product to other organizations than the European Commission
Design of the language assessment flow and pronunciation tool
Creating a system allowing different kind of stimuli to work with different kind of tasks
Designing and testing different styles for illustrations

Introducing UX in the corporate culture

June to December 2018 • gsk.com • As a team with another UX designer


GSK Vaccine is doing its digital transformation. Their Tech department (±300p) is slowly adopting principles like Agile and UX. In that order, they hired me to coach project leaders during their process of redesigning internal applications.

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Challenges encountered

  • Working in an environment with very high privacy concerns and with high complexity (jargon, acronyms, processes...)
  • Not an easy access to the end-users (people who are working globally in the vaccines manufactories)
  • For a lot of applications, GSK doesn't have the hand on the code, which means limited possibilities for improving UX and simplifying things

Process and deliverables

  1. Lay the foundation

    Trained 100+ people (8p every two weeks) to what is UX, how to get user feedback, how to challenge their assumptions and test their products. For both Tech and Business departments.
  2. Create an "electroshock"

    We build and set up a usability lab (with eye tracking) as we wanted the products owners to see by themselves and realize how real users were struggling when using their products.
  3. Adopting new habits and tools

    Our goal was to make them as autonomous as possible by the end of the mission. We documented all the methodology and tools in a toolkit, available for everyone.
  4. Coaching

    Helping the projects owners during their first steps in the UX and Design thinking process: Moderating workshops, interviewing users, prototyping interfaces, user-testing.
Evangelizing and coaching projects manager to make the organization more mature
Screenshot of our UX Toolkit made in GSK's SharePoint. By clicking on a card, they access to a step-by-step guide on how to apply this specific task.
Open prototype
Link to an early prototype (proof of concept) allowing gsk employees to make requests (modification, reparation...) for equipments in the laboratories
Facilitation of a lot of co-creation workshops and design sprints

Complex technical apps can be sexy and easy to use too!

2017 • Dapesco.com


Dapesco specialises in guiding and advising large organisations about all of the many issues involved with energy management. In that order, they created Jool, an application to easily manage the creation of reports and the administration of the system.

Wireframes of the new application

User testing: Every. Single. Month.

2016 - 2017 • home.hellobank.be, crowd.hellobank.be


Hello bank! is a 100% digital bank. They are working on several apps (crowdfounding, mortgage...) gravitating around the traditional banking app. I prepared, moderated and analyzed the user test sessions taking place every month, then presented the insights to the team.

User testing of various websites and applications, every month during more than a year.

Moving from external solutions to a single custom application

2016 • foto.com


Foto.com allow people to buy personalized photo books. As they were using commercial external solutions that were not optimal in terms of user experience, they asked us to make some user research to uncover needs, pains and blockers on the current solution and to prototype the perfect application.

Some wireframes of the new application